Dog Bakery

The healthy choice for dog parents

Fruity, veggie desserts. dog treats … “way too good for hooomons”


to our wonderful dog bakery, 
where a tasty treat is rewarded with happy licks…

Our dessert treats are 100% Natural and lovingly created by our own hand and baked with unlimited enthusiasm. Free from artificial colours & artificial flavours. No heavy machinery, conveyor belts, or over processed, tasteless, ten-year shelf life treats. Our products contain nothing but quality human grade ingredients. If we can’t make it without natural ingredients we won’t make it. Your dog trusts you to get it right. We won’t abuse that trust.

Doggie meal time is all about you providing a well-balanced meaty diet. Possibly a nice juicy New York Ribeye or that plump Corn Fed Chicken dogs dream about. We believe treat time is dessert time. This means a meat-free yummy fruity or veggie dessert. Treat time is show appreciation time, thanks for being my friend time. And it usually come just before belly rub time

Dogs don’t do kisses they do licks. The happier the dog the more licks they give as a show of their love. Give your dog one of our treats and expect to be showered with happy licks.

Team Sweet Potato

At Happy Licks bakery, we are proud to employ a team of highly professional dogs. Each is committed to testing our products. Without their seal of approval, nothing gets through.


“The collector”
Her mission is to round up all foods from the other dogs regardless. She likes to create piles. Enjoys food hunting and activity toys. Works for cuddles.  


“Chief tester”
Mr. Fussy will purposely remove and reject any food item from his bowl he doesn’t like. Will work for treats.


“The catcher”
Will try anything with enthusiasm. Hates waste. Moves faster than a speeding bullet, or falling food. Every day is play day